Facelift device

Facial strength training for wind instrument players

On the back of its success in cosmetic and rehabilitation applications for the face, Facial-Flex® is extending its effectiveness to music practice…

Facial-Flex®, a facial strength training tool for wind instrument players.

Thanks to Facial-Flex®, wind instrument players can strengthen the maxillofacial muscles or exercise the orbicularis oris muscle around the outside of their mouth. This special training is easy, takes next to no time and is also personal because Facial-Flex® can be used anywhere, anytime.

Facial-Flex® will improve instrumental practice by allowing musicians optimal control of the muscles of their face, particularly when they need to play for very long periods.

In addition, the face will look younger, a nice added bonus.

Facial-Flex® is sold at:

  • Jonas Näslund (Stockholm, Sweden);
  • Music All In (Noordwijk, Netherlands).

To learn more about the locations of these stores, click on 'Resellers'. You can search by country.

We hope you enjoy discovering all the advantages of Facial-Flex!