Facelift device

A long-lasting toning solution. An alternative to surgery...

Facial-Flex® is a fitness tool specially designed to work effectively and very easily on around 30 muscle groups in the face, from below the eyes to the base of the neck (the top of the neckline, so dear to women, does not escape either…).

Used daily, Facial-Flex®:

  • Tones and redefines the facial features
  • Makes the lips fuller
  • Redefines the shape of the face
  • Eradicates sagging cheeks
  • Reshapes the facial features
  • Combats a double chin

The workout is dynamic (not passive as with electric devices) and it is you who does the work! And the result is long-lasting, it is an achievement, part of you and very easy to maintain.

It is an alternative to surgery, injections and chemical tighteners.

It is facial exercise, or more precisely fitness, and there is nothing more natural than working the muscles! It is a safe, effective and non-invasive process.

The principle? Contracting and relaxing a large number of small muscles underneath the skin. The effect of these repeated contractions against the resistance of the device means the muscle fibres become shorter. As they get shorter, they strengthen underneath the skin and the whole face is redefined. Facial-Flex® provides a way to deal with muscular relaxation.

Facial-Flex® is also used in rehabilitation, for the recovery of muscle tone and strength.

Nylon is a material that does not pose any danger to health.

Since April 2013, Facial-Flex® has been manufactured using nylon. This material has two advantages: it is very strong and, most importantly, it won’t be affected by any particles found in the saliva, even when alcohol is present. A guarantee for heath.