Facelift device

Is the firm up with Facial-Flex® guaranteed?

To choose to use Facial-Flex®, one must feel the need for it. Except in cases of weight loss in which the use of the device is recommended regardless of age, it is not logical to resort to Facial-Flex® before the first signs of sagging are observed. Also, the training sessions must be done on a regular basis, because if done only occasionally, they will not yield a good result.
There are cases where the firming up with facial gymnastics is difficult. For instance, when the face is damaged (over-exposure to the sun, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, severe hormonal loss or a combination of several of these factors) and when the natural reserves of collagen and elastin are exhausted. The skin, dermis and muscles then combine to form a very thin tissue and facial gymnastics – with or without Facial-Flex® – generally yields a poor result. It is advised to use your common sense, to go to our web site for information in order to make sure that Facial-Flex® will suit your personal case. Finally, as demonstrated by the before and after pictures, the results will vary from one person to another and depend on the regularity of usage, on age and on the physical condition.