Facelift device

Facial-Flex®: Directions

Facial exercise 'against resistance'

To understand how Facial-Flex® works and the role played by the replacement elastic bands, watch the video and read our FAQs section.

Usage instructions

Usage instructions (general and bands) can be found inside each box.

The goal is an exercise session of 120 contractions (around two minutes).

  • Open the mouth wide (around 3 cm) and keep it open for the entire duration of the exercise;
  • Place Facial-Flex® between the corners of the mouth, with the large end pieces toward the inside;
  • Use the corners of the mouth to push against the resistance of the device, bringing the corners of the mouth in towards the centre to form an 'O' shape, while completely contracting the muscles;
  • Maintain the contraction for more or less two seconds;
  • Release and start again.

Advice for doing facial exercise without creating wrinkles.

Facial-Flex® allows you to do facial exercise without forming wrinkles.

Look at yourself in the mirror and do these three things at the same time:

  1. Keep the mouth open wide (around 3 cm) for the entire duration of the exercise, to put the muscles and tissues under tension;
  2. Bring the lips around the teeth slightly, to prevent any fine lines;
  3. Use your index fingers, perfectly flat on your face, on either side of the mouth, to stretch the skin upwards and outwards and to eradicate any lines.

How long will it take before I notice a change?

As with any physical exercise, it takes patience, regular use and perseverance. You will see the first signs of tightening (more defined face shape, fuller lips) after six weeks of regular use. And the face will be totally tightened in around four months. The results will vary from one person to another.