Facelift device

Facial-Flex®: Advice, hygiene and precautions

For hygiene reasons you should clean your Facial-Flex® regularly, with soap, toothpaste or a mild detergent;

  • If your lips are fragile, chapped or irritated, use a skin moisturiser on your lips before doing the exercises;
  • If the corners of your mouth are sensitive, work with the lightest resistance, especially to start with. Clean your facial exerciser with each use and use your usual protection creams;
  • Do not use Facial-Flex® if you are allergic to latex because the bands at the centre of the device are made of latex;
  • Apply a drop of vegetable oil on the bars to facilitate sliding to start with, if necessary (optional);
  • Keep Facial-Flex® out of the reach of children; they might want to imitate you and could swallow the device.

Facial-Flex® can be sterilised.

Facial-Flex® is now manufactured in nylon, a very solid material that is guaranteed not to break down with exposure to saliva, even if alcohol is present. A guarantee for heath.