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A genuine natural facelift, a solution much in demand at the moment. Long-lasting rejuvenation and tightening of the skin proven by clinical studies.


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A facelift device

We do exercises to strengthen our bodies, so why ignore our faces? A true fitness device, Facial-Flex® works on around 30 muscle groups, from below the eyes to the base of the neckline: the shape of the face is redefined, the lips are fuller, the chin is properly retracted and the cheekbones are lifted... Two-minute sessions of contractions are enough to resculpt the face. Without needing electricity or batteries, Facial-Flex® offers a truly natural facelift. Strengthening which is logical (it's facial exercise!), long-lasting and very affordable. The device is guaranteed for one year.

  • Strengthens the muscles
    of the face, neck and chin.
  • Improves
    the skin’s elasticity.
  • Stimulates
    blood circulation
  • Redefines
    the face’s shape.
  • Combats sagging cheeks
    and the double chin.
Muscle training for a facelift

A younger look thanks
to facial exercise...

Just stand in front of a mirror and do some resistance training, as you would for the body. Resistance is essential. It is provided by an elastic band at the centre of the device. Thanks to this resistance, each contraction becomes ultra-effective and each session can be limited to 120 contractions or just two minutes.

This results? Your face is redefined, your lips become fuller, sagging cheeks are eliminated, the muscles below your chin are properly retracted (combating a double chin) and your cheekbones become sharper. Moreover, blood circulation is stimulated, which improves the skin’s elasticity and quality. After 4 months of regular use, the whole face is resculpted: the features are more clearly defined and the effects on the face of the passing of time, which include flatter and saggier skin, make way for a more youthful and energetic look.

Before and after photos
A natural facelift

The before-and-after pictures were taken during a 6-month study carried out in 2014 by
Rosemary Conley Enterprises, Facial-Flex reseller in the UK.

To prove Facial-Flex® really works, a trial was carried out on a group of four ladies who wanted to reduce the signs of ageing without turning to surgery. The volunteers used Facial-Flex twice a day for two minutes for six months and before-and-after photos prove the results.

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Facial exerciser

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